Sunday, 19 November 2006



Unfinished thesis issued by the PR departament of Cortical Systemic factories inc.

Hybrid began as an exercise into group dynamics.

It was o good excuse to try and establish a group identity similar to other groups and so-called "artistic" projects. A group identity that was always dismembered and rented apart by centrifugal forces in real life environments.

Many Curriculum Vitae show this inborn zerrissenheit between Group and Individual exihibitions and other selfpromoting manifestations of public and private shows.Suddently, under internal pressures, under inhomogeneous conditions most of the above mentioned groups divided and lost their founding unity.Under current views, drifting apart is seen as a sign of weakness, akin to losing internal cohesion - a sort of rotting or disintegration of the main body.Early signs of drift are recognizes and emphasized under the Hybrid Action manifestos and memorabilia (flyers, video clips, photo's, posters and other mechanical prints).Deliberately calling into being ungainly connections - Hybrid forms become the trademarks of group cohesion .Hybrid means keeping in touch with the natural disintegration of social bodies proposing a frankensteinian worldview as long as their individual cells are the main actors of group dynamics.

All group activities are independent and taking into account their participants location.Distances may grow over time as continental drift and economic pressures may determine such locations, however far apart the group still functions as long as electronic contact or other means of communication replace the immediate skin related hand-shakes.

Some of its members actually chose to live by themselves, on other continents, with their chosen families, with their spiritual fathers, on their country-side retreats, with their new-born infants, or their city neighborhoods.This doesn't affect (at least in practice) their Hybrid relationships with their work, life or several collaborative projects. Never look for their disappearance from the city "scene".Their is a disappearance act inspired by the great Harry Houdini (1874-1926)

Never look for their names on press sheets as long as there are hidden constants that regulate the group dynamics.There will (and should always) be a webmaster and a layout.


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