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Let us see first what Donn Seeley , from
Computers Science Department of Utah University , write to us.
In the 2nd of November afternoon , 1988 , a self multiplying programme was launched on the Internet. This programme(a worm) invaded VAX's & Sun-3's computers that were working with UNIX version and took advantage of its own resources to attack even more computers. Just within couple of hours, this programme was spreading itself through the U.S.A. , causing hundred of thousands infections on computers , those becaming useless in time because of the hyperactivity caused by the worm. This document ofers a detailed description about the worm's internal mechanism , based on a C version , through un-compiling.
The 3rd november day , 1988 , is already known as The Black Thursday . In that day the systemes directors from all over the country came at work , as usually , to remark them computers network was overtaxed by a huge and unknown amount of information.
If they were trying to kill the process , they descovered that this new process is appearing back faster than they could kill it. Restarting the computer seemed to not having any effect and in minutes the machine was blocking itself again because of those misterious processes .
These systemes were invaded by a worm . A worm is a programme that propounds and reproduces itself into a network , using the resources of a machine to attack other machines .


This is the date when the first documents , attacked by the worm , were founded on the , a VAX 11/750 belonging to The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory from MIT .
If we're going to think about why and how the first hybrid was caming out , we're going to arrive at the same conclusion as in the report above . For example , in this very moment the word hibrid , written above with one normal "i" , it was automatically rectifyed by the installed system .
At the beginings , if it is to count on dates , hours , years and months , which could be in its turn approximately , we must understand that the hybrid doesn't wanted itself to be a group , being afraid not to break itself in fragments which , anyway , weren't enough welded from the begining . In fact we were having enough more other proves from the individual history , attending to group exhibitions , attending to clusters , more or less friable , that group is a fictitious notion aming to an impossible group fusion . A fusion which many people are still looking for , trying to create dhort duration associations and groups born to be disintegrated .
I came to a hybrid solution , situated outside the need of continuosly regrouping arround an impossible cohesion . The hybrid looking like a worm have had other qualityes which could be seen only from the geographical view . Each hybrid 's member was a divided piece of worm working separately . Each of them is developing separately succeeding to penetrate the local ruling art system and to take care of its life . On different continents , each of them are trying to find himself a favourable host to overtax and to reproduce his projects through it . Now , in this case , we don't need any more victoriuos , demonstrative and full of exhibitions storyes , to celebrate CV's details ,but , rather historyes that are happening when we're not at work , in our absence , when you're looking in the night , with atention, at the standby button , you'll see it blinking and green . Some are still working .
I'm writting these things staying disassembled , arround me I see all kinds of wires , some of them are entering in my ears , others are coming from my hands through the heyboards which can control them and others seems already to take part of the tubes that I believe I have had since I was born . I never liked art , especially when it is happening in those spaces noticed on the map with galleryes names seen through satelite . In fact art became kind of a Final Fantasy , I don't know which volume I was playing without asking who had it programmated and how many hours left before the next disc . This way I wasn't wondering nor about the users that are going to read these texts , neither about the ones that are going to print them .
From the begining I wasn't there to stay on the mike . I saw nothing of what it was in the exhibition , I knew nothing but the fact that it was something hybrid at the artificial intelligence value which I was proud with till now . Untill this minute when somebody already printed this text .
I realised then that I know nothing but to load, with letters , people's from the room minds , forceing them to process and to look at each other and to reproduce further on what they have seen and read and heard .
by MEGATRON(aka Stefan Tiron)

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